Part II Amendment of the Juno Wind Energy Facility Environmental Authorisation, Western Cape Province



DFFE REFERENCE: 14/12/16/3/3/2/1074 and 14/12/16/3/3/2/1074/AM1

On 04 May 2021 initial notice was given in terms of Chapter 6 of the National Environmental Management Act, 1998 (Act 107 of 1998) (NEMA) Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Regulations, 2014 (as amended), promulgated under Section 24 (5) of the NEMA, 1998, as amended, of the application for the Part II Amendment of the Juno Wind Energy Facility (WEF) Environmental Authorisation (EA), Western Cape Province.

In terms of Regulation 4(2) of the EIA Regulations, 2014 as amended, please be advised that the Department of Forestry, Fisheries and the Environment (DFFE) has decided to grant Environmental Authorisation (EA) to the Applicant, AMDA Juliett (Pty) Ltd. The EA was issued on 06 January 2022. A copy of the EA and reasons for the decision are available for download below and can be obtained upon request from Aneesah Alwie at 021 412 1529 /

Appeal Procedures: An appeal may be filed against this decision in terms of the National Appeals Regulations, 2014. Attention is drawn to Chapter 2 of the NEMA, 1998 (as amended) under GN R 993 in Government Gazette No. 38303 dated 08 December 2014 (National Appeal Regulations, 2014), which prescribes the appeal procedure to be followed. An appellant must submit an appeal to the appeal administrator and a copy of the appeal to the Applicant, AMDA Juliett (Pty) Ltd, any registered Interested and Affected Party (I&AP) and any organ of state with interest in the matter within 20 days from the date that this notification of the decision was sent to the I&APs.

Appeals and responding statement must be submitted in writing to the details below:

To Director: Appeals and Legal ReviewDepartment of Forestry, Fisheries and the Environment (DFFE)
By email:
By hand: Environment House, 473 Steve Biko Street,Arcadia, Pretoria, 0083
By post: Private Bag X447,Pretoria, 0001

To obtain the prescribed appeal form and for guidance on the submission of appeals, please visit the Department’s website at or request a copy of the documents at

Please click on the links below to access the Environmental Authorisations (DFFE Reference: 14/12/16/3/3/2/1074 and 14/12/16/3/3/2/1074/AM1) and to download a copy of the National Appeal Regulations, 2014 as amended and the Appeal Guidelines.

Environmental Authorisations: Juno WEF EA DFFE REF 14-12-16-3-3-2-1074 and Juno 1 WEF EA DFFE REF 14-12-16-3-3-2-1074-AM1

National Appeal Regulations 2014 as amended & Guidelines

With reference to this notification, please send any queries to the below address:

Arcus Consultancy Services South Africa (Pty) Ltd

Arcus Reference: 4088 Juno 1 WEF and BESS

Contact Person: Aneesah Alwie


Post: 240 Main Road, 1st Floor Great Westerford, Rondebosch, 7700

Telephone: +27 21 412 1529 / +27 72 595 0104