Mulilo De Aar PV Grid


Mulilo De Aar PV Grid

Project Name: Basic Assessment Report for the Mulilo Total Hydra Storage Project: Grid Interconnection and Associated Infrastructure near De Aar in the Northern Cape Province.

Project Description: Mulilo Total Hydra Storage (Pty) Ltd appointed Arcus Consultancy Services South Africa (Pty) Ltd (‘Arcus’) to undertake a Basic Assessment (BA) process for a proposed overhead powerline, switching station, access road and associated infrastructure (the ‘proposed development’) which is located approximately 6 km south-east of the town of De Aar and falls within the Pixley ka Seme District Municipality of the Northern Cape Province.

Basic Assessment Process: The project is subject to the requirements of the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Regulations of 2014 published in terms of Section 24(5) of NEMA. The BA process will be undertaken in terms of the Government Notice (GN) No. R. 983 of 4 December 2014 (as amended to GNR 327).

The Department of Environment, Forestry and Fisheries (DEFF) will act as the Competent Authority (CA) for the proposed development.

Basic Assessment Report Review and Comment: The Draft BA Report will be available for public review and comment from: Wednesday, 31 March 2021 – Monday, 03 May 2021.

Please click on the link below to download a copy of the Volume I: Draft BA Report and appendices, as well as the Volume II: Specialist Impact Assessments and site verifications for the proposed development.

Volume I: Draft Basic Assessment Report

Draft Basic Assessment Report

Appendix A: EAP Declaration of Independence and Project Team CV’s

Appendix B: Draft Generic Environmental Management Programme Report

01.Appx B1_Generic EMPr 1_Overhead Power line

02.Appx B2_Generic EMPr 2_Associated Infrastructure

03.Appx B3_Erosion Management Plan

04.Appx B4_SiteClearancePlan

Appendix C: Public Participation

D_Mapping and Technical Drawings

01.Proposed Development Coordinates

02.Site Location

04. Land Use

05.Critical Biodiversity Areas

06.Proposed Site Development Plan

07.Environmental Sensitivity

08.Aerodromes with 35 km

4194-REP-003 Fig3.1 Developments and Transmission Lines within up to 35 km radius

02. Appx D2_MTHS_Final_Site _Development_Plan-EMP.20210331.A.WM

03. Appx D3_MTHS_Site _Development_Plan.20210331.A TOPOGRAPHICd

Volume II: Specialist Assessments and Verifications

01. Aquatic Final_DBAR

02. Biodiverstiy Statement

03. Plant Species Final

04. Animal Species

05. Heritage Statement

06. Soil Statement

07. 4194_CAA Compliance Statement

01. Aquatic Assessment

02. Avifaunal Assessment

03. Ecology Assessment

04. Heritage Assessment

05. Soil Assessment

Comment Submission: Should you have any comments, questions, queries, concerns or wish to receive more information about the proposed development at any stage of the impact assessment process, please contact Arcus through the following ways

Contact          :           Ashleigh Blackwell

Reference      :          4194 MTHS Grid Interconnection

Post                :          Office 220 Cube Workspace, Icon Building

Cnr Long Street and Hans Strijdom Road, Cape Town, 8001

Telephone      :          +27 21 412 1529

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