Paulputs WEF and Grid Connection

Paulputs Wind Energy Facility (RF) (Pty) Ltd are applying for environmental authorisation to construct the Paulputs 300 MW wind energy facility (WEF) and associated infrastructure including grid connection near Pofadder in the Northern Cape.  Arcus has been appointed by Paulputs as the independent environmental impact assessment practitioner.


Arcus Consultancy Services South Africa (Pty) Ltd

Contact person: Ryan David-Andersen

Tel: +27 (0) 21 412 1529 / Fax: +27 (0) 86 609 7327

Postal address: Office 220 Cube Workspace Cnr Long Street and Hans Strijdom Road, Cape Town 8001


Please click on the links below to download copies of the project documentation:


Volume I_Paulputs WEF Final EIA Report and EMPr


Volume II_App 1_I&AP Database

Volume II_App 2_Site Notices and Poster

Volume II_App 3_Newspaper Proof

Volume II_App 4_Initial Notification

Volume II_App 5_POD – Initial Not.

Volume II_App 6_C&R Correspondence

Volume II_App 7_DSR Notification

Volume II_App 8_POD – DSR Not.

Volume II_App 9_FSR Not.

Volume II_App 10_POD – FSR Not.

Volume II_App 11_Corr. Applicant and IPPs

Volume II_App 12_DEIA Notification

Volume II_App 13_POD – DEIAR Not.

Volume II_Paulputs WEF Public Participation Report


Volume III – Specialist Reports

1 Soil Impact Assessment Report

2 Geotechnical Desktop Study

3 Aquatic Impact Assessment Report

4 Fauna and Flora Impact Assessment

5 Bird Impact Assessment Report

6 Bat Impact Assessment Report

7 Noise Impact Assessment

8 Heritage Impact Assessment Report

9 Visual Impact Assessment Report

10 Social Impact Assessment Report

11 Traffic Impact Assessment Report