Proposed Development of the De Aar 2 South Wind Energy Facility On-Site Substation and Battery Energy Storage System, Northern Cape Province


Mulilo De Aar 2 South (Pty) Ltd (‘Mulilo’) appointed Arcus Consultancy Services South Africa (Pty) Ltd (‘Arcus’) to undertake a Basic Assessment (BA) process for a proposed on-site substation, with capacity up to 132kV, Battery Energy Storage System (BESS), and associated infrastructure which is located approximately 26 km north-east of the town of De Aar and falls within the Pixley ka Seme District Municipality of the Northern Cape Province.

The aim of the proposed development are to ensure that:

  • The on-site substation can assist with facilitating the evacuation of additional energy generated by the proposed DA2S WEF and stored within the BESS, over and above the authorised DA2S WEF collector substation and the proposed DA2S WEF switching station;
  • The BESS may diminish the invariability of energy supply into grid – thus making power supply into the national Eskom grid more reliable; and
  • The DA2S WEF project is not limited in its capacity to be a competitive bidder within the RMIPPP/REIPPP or any programmes going forward.

Arcus Consultancy Services South Africa (Ltd) Pty (‘Arcus’) has been appointed to act as project manager and to undertake the environmental impact assessment process for Environmental Authorisation under Chapter 4 of the National Environmental Management Act, 1998 (Act 107 of 1998 – NEMA) as amended, for the Proposed Development.

The draft BA Report (Arcus, September 2020) was subjected to a 30 day comment period from the 19 October 2020 to the 17 November 2020 (both days inclusive). During the public comment period the application process was suspended. The draft BA Report (this report, Arcus, April 2021) has since been updated slightly and is therefore being subjected to another 30 day comment period.

The Draft Basic Assessment Report is available for public review and comment from the 22 April 2021 until the 24 May 2021 (both days inclusive), taking into consideration Chapter 2 Regulation 3 (1); (2) and (3) of the NEMA, 1998 (Act No. 107 of 1998), at the following locations:

  • Site Office in De Aar; and
  • Website:

Volume I Draft Basic Assessment Report:

01. 3945_DA2S_BESS_V3-1_AVH_202106006

02 Vol_I_AppxA_CV

03 Vol_I_AppxB_Generic EMPr

04 Vol_I_AppxC_Public Participation_Part1

04 Vol_I_AppxC_Public Participation_Part2

05. Vol_I_AppxD_DABR Maping_Combined

Volume II Specialist Impact Assessment Reports:

1_Vol_II_AppA_Aquatic Report




When accessing the Draft Basic Assessment Report at the Site Office in De Aar please note the below protocols:

Protocol for accessing the BAR at the Longyuan Site Office in De Aar
Opening Hours 09h00 – 16h00 (by appointment only)
Address 19 Van der Merwe Street, DE AAR, 7000
Contact Person Beverley Horak
Contact Number 083 793 9254
COVID-19 Safety Measures No Mask = No EntryPlease sanitize before and after use of the BAR

With reference to the proposed development, please send your comments on the Draft Basic Assessment Report in writing before the 24 May 2021 to the below address:

Arcus Consultancy Services South Africa (Pty) Ltd

Reference                  : 3945 DA2S WEF Substation and BESS

Contact Person        : Ashleigh von der Heyden

Email                          :

Post                            : 240 Main Road, 1st Floor Great Westerford, Rondebosch, 7700

Telephone              : +27 21 412 1529